Chancellor Moeser dancing, Second to Fourth Day of Sit-In

April 18, 2008:

Chancellor Moeser is sent off to his weekend with 50 people chanting “Chancellor Moeser, you will know, union busting’s got to go! UNC Sweatfree, adopt the DSP!” He mockingly joins the protesters, dancing and clapping, then leaves for the weekend, leaving instructions to the UNC police (who have been watching students 24/7 since Thursday’s start of the sit-in) that no one is allowed to visit, enter, or drop of food during the weekend, telling his advisors not to worry, that the students will get tired and go home.

April 20, 2008: Fourth day of the sit-in, the food supplies are running out (there is no fridge, obviously, it’s very warm and the fluorescent lighting doesn’t turn off)/ spoiling. NAACP lawyer Al McSurely attempts to bring students sitting in a meal, but UNC police say that they are not allowed to let anyone from the outside bring food to the students.


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  1. […] “occupying force.” The site also includes a YouTube video of the university chancellor dancing to the protesters’ chants. […]

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