Start of Sit-In and A Little Background

April 2008: After years requesting meetings with Chancellor Moeser, after years of presenting research and gathering support from students, faculty, and staff, members of SAW and the Carolina Sweatfree Coalition begin daily letter deliveries. They received no response until April 10, 2008, the day after dozens of students at another UNC system school, Appalachian State University, began a peaceful occupation of their Chancellor’s office demanding he adopt the DSP after they were similarly ignored for two years. The April 10th letter to Chancellor Moeser included a statement from the ASU students regarding their act of civil disobedience. That Friday, Chancellor Moeser finally agreed to “meet” with students in a public debate the following week.

April 11, 2008: Nine students at ASU are arrested for their sit-in for the DSP for criminal trespassing.

April 15, 2008: Jorge Perez Lopez, the Executive Director of the FLA, visits the last meeting of the Licensing Labor Code Advisory Committee. Students, workers, and community members gather to protest his visit. Perez Lopez admits in the meeting that FLA programs accredit licensees who regularly violate UNC labor codes of conduct and that FLA programs have made no demonstrable progress towards respecting workers human rights.
31 students at Penn State who were peacefully occupying their administration building demanding Penn State adopt the DSP are arrested for criminal trespassing.

April 16, 2008: The day of the deadline to adopt the DSP, after three years of ignoring students, faculty, and staff, Chancellor Moeser finally agrees to a meeting. At the meeting, he stated several mischaracterizations about the DSP. He stated that the DSP requires collective bargaining. It does not. It requires freedom of association for a certain percentage of factories. He stated that the 42 other universities, like Duke, who have adopted the DSP, have not actually implemented the DSP as only a certain percentage of the licensees’ factories are DSP factories. That is exactly what the DSP policy document lays out. Perhaps if Chancellor Moeser had read the policy document in the three years since the proposal was sent, we would not have had such an unproductive meeting.
9 students at the University of Montana are arrested for trespassing in a peaceful sit-in demanding U of M adopt the DSP. Their cell phones are confiscated to prevent them from further organizing.

April 17, 2008:

After it became clear that the UNC administration was unwilling to engage in honest and respectful discourse about the human rights concerns of students, faculty, and staff, after three years during which workers have been losing their lives and livelihoods for manufacturing UNC licensed apparel and daring to stand up for their rights, 10 UNC students began a nonviolent occupation of the lobby of South Building, 10 feet away from Chancellor James Moeser’s office. Though he cannot see the workers who suffer to make our Carolina apparel, he will see us every day until he adopts the DSP.


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