Why are we still sitting in? Find out Thursday @ Noon!!!

Come join us on THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2008 at NOON on the steps of South Building to learn more about the DSP and our 3-year campaign to get the administration to adopt it.

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Why are we (still) sitting in? What is the DSP? Why won’t Chancellor Moeser even consider it, even though the university’s own licensing committee recommended that it was worth considering? Why are so many students, faculty, and community members supporting the DSP?

Come hear members of SAW speak, along with visiting professor Matthew Sparke and emeritus professor Chuck Stone, among others.

Bring friends! Whether you support the sit-in or not, come talk and listen about some of the myths the administration has been spreading (the middle of the event will mark the 168th hour of the occupation; a full week).

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