Tent City and Pancake Breakfast for Thursday night

Our friends from outside are inviting you to a picnic, rally and campout on May 1st at 7:00 pm to support the student sit-in currently underway in the South Building. The tent city and rally will mark the SECOND week of the anniversary and will coincide with International May Day events.

What to bring: yourself, a picnic and a tent (If you don’t have a tent we will have extra. Just let us know)

What they will bring: Awesome people, Campfire Songs and Pancakes on Friday Morning.
Breakfast will be ready at 8 am; then we’ll cheer on the students before their meeting with the chancellor.

The end of the semester is nearing and it is vital that we get Chancellor Moeser to see just how many students and community members support the DSP. So come join the tent city and be there at 8 am and show Moeser that students want to wear Sweatfree Carolina gear with pride!

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