Back to the old days of sit-ins before webcams and wireless internet…

Mysteriously, the wireless internet cut out a few days ago as our website has been getting more and more views. We initially attributed it to the flakiness of the UNC-1 network in general, but we’ve been here two weeks and soon realized that some router must have been turned off or been having some kind of “technical difficulty.” As this is really problematic for our studying during finals week (and to keep yall updated on what’s going on in here), we called ITS and asked administrators what was going on. A tech guy came by yesterday to check the wiring, confirmed everything was ok, and left.

We still don’t have wireless, but we are currently sharing one ethernet cord between us. Beyond being here and organizing for the past two weeks, this makes it difficult to get our work done for finals and remain focused on our education. Indeed, we don’t want to end up former UNC students who flunked out as a result of a faulty internet connection… but alas.

Please send good internet vibes to us and hope that the mysterious wireless problems are solved soon!

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