Chancellor Moeser: We meant it when we said you’d see us every day

Yesterday, Chancellor Moeser left South Building early to take a trip to DC. Some former UNC USAS people and some other lovely USASers (former and current national staff) discovered that there was a huge conference going on about higher education and global development at the Department of State and figured that’s probably where Chancellor Moeser would be at. This conference invited 110 public universities, 40 private institutions, and 90 foreign university delegates, with Condoleezza Rice to host the proceedings.

Our wonderful allies gathered up the USAS alum in the area and some current Georgetown USASers and high school activists to flyer outside of the event. They got moved pretty quickly away from the front of the building, but they got moved to exactly where the bus was letting off delegates to go to the conference, and, as you can see, they had a lovely banner prepared for Chancellor Moeser’s reception.

As Chancellor Moeser walked into the state department they chanted “CHANCELLOR MOESER SWEATSHOP LABOR HAS GOT TO GO!” as they continued leafletting.

We are here physically in South Building, we are in DC, and we are virtually occupying the administration building. There is no escape. We will be here until there is justice for workers in our entire Carolina community.

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