UNC, take notice: you can arrest us, but neither we nor the workers will end the campaign for human rights

University of Southern California becomes 45th school to sign onto the DSP!!!!!

From Teresa Cheng, whose LTE was published in the DTH in support of our actions

USC is now the 45th school to sign onto the DSP Working Group! After a 8 year campaign for WRC and DSP – which included 2 sit ins, rallies, protests, and being defamed and beaten to a pulp by our fascist administration- we pushed them to adopt the DSP and finally won – with all your help!

We continue to lend all of our support to students and friends at UNC, Montana, Penn State, and Appalachian State. With enough student pressure and all of your brilliance, you will succeed!

There is hope!

A note for everyone: USC’s sit-in last year ended the first day after administrators threatened to suspend students, revoke their scholarships, and kick them out of campus housing. AND NOW THEY WON.

So, UNC, take notice: you can arrest us, but we WILL win.

For a list of all the schools currently signed onto the DSP, see here

North Carolina AFL-CIO action alert in support of us:

UNC Chapel Hill Arrests Students at Sit-in

May 8, 2008 – 5:51 pm UNC Chapel Hill Apparel is Sweatshop ApprovedThe peaceful protest of students at UNC Chapel Hill engaged in a sit-in outside Chancellor Moeser’s office to demand an end to university apparel being made in sweatshops itself ended when the Chancellor ordered their arrest.

The Chancellor’s order to arrest the students came on day 16 of the sit-in and only hours after NC AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer MaryBe McMillan appeared and spoke in solidarity with the students at a rally outside the South Building.

UNC Chapel Hill makes considerable profits from the sale of apparel branded with its name and logo – apparel stiched with abuse of workers toiling in sweatshops. Arresting students that rightly take a stand against such injustices through peaceful, civil disobedience is an outrage. Such a heavy handed response may be typical of the authorities in countries where UNC-CH apparel is made, but it has no place at the flagship institution for higher education in North Carolina.

The NC State AFL-CIO calls on Chancellor Moeser and others in the administration of the University of North Carolina to immediately drop all charges against the students and adopt the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP) so that students, faculty and Tar Heel fans everywhere can wear UNC apparel with pride.

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