6. Press

May 14, 2008

The Commentators: Prof. Altha Cravey on UNC Sweatshops“–WCHL (radio clip)

May 11, 2008

Writer clears up reporting on arrests“– News and Observer, Letters to the Editor

May 9, 2008

UNC-CH Sweatshop Labor“– News and Observer, Letters to the Editor

May 7, 2008

Sit-In Trouble“– Independent Weekly (photo story)

May 5, 2008

Sit-in against UNC’s ties to sweatshops ends in 5 arrests“– Fight Back! News

Interview with Sarah Hirsch: Sit-in over, struggle against sweatshops continues“– Fight Back! News

May 3, 2008

5 arrested at UNC-CH sit-in“– N & O (With no mention of the fact that Chancellor Moeser expressly did not allow –very different from “steered away,” as they say– the LLCAC to discuss the DSP the past year after rejecting it in August 2007, no mention of the fact that we have been campaigning for three years, again quoting Prof Hornstein out of context despite his support and vote for the DSP; also, Mirza did not go limp in a chair– she was dragged into the anteroom by her arms and then dragged into a chair, then dragged out by her right arm and the chair and dragged into the van by both her arms.)

May 2, 2008

Protesters escorted from building“– Herald Sun

UNC students arrested after vote on supplier“– Myrtle Beach Online

UNC students arrested after protests“– News 14

Five arrested in N.C. university sit-in“– United Press International

Police arrest 5 protesters in UNC Chancellor’s office“– News and Observer (Raleigh, Charlotte– this story contains factual errors about the arrests, identification of those arrested, what we are charged with, quotes Prof Hornstein out of context though he supports the DSP, and so far have not issued any corrections)

April 29, 2008

Students sit in nationally” — The Daily Collegian

April 25, 2008

UNC Student Sit-In Lingers on” (Radio) –1360 WCHL, Chapel Hill-Carrboro, Triangle Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom broadcast, hosted by Tana Hartman

April 24, 2008

UNC-CH student sit-in continues” — News 14 Carolina (video and story)

(We were also on the 6 o’clock news on ABC 11 today, but it’s not online… we were also on NPR/ WUNC last week, but that is also not online)

DSP is good, but people seem to misunderstand it” (seriously, DTH? that’s your title?)– Daily Tar Heel

Workers rights protest enters second week” — Daily Tar Heel

UNC protestors to rally at noon” — News & Observer (Triangle briefs)

April 22, 2008

UNC Labor-practice protest continues” — Orange County News & Observer

Protest not seen as changing minds” — Durham Herald Sun

Sit in goal would empower factory workers abroad” — Daily Tar Heel (Letters to the Editor)

The time is now to make UNC respect human rights” — Daily Tar Heel (Letters to the Editor)

DSP would cause more poor people to lose jobs” — Daily Tar Heel (Letters to the Editor)

April 21, 2008

“UNC sit-in enters fifth day” — Raleigh News & Observer

Anti-sweatshop students have website: You can now watch scenes from South Building on your computer” — News & Observer Blog

“Sit-in protest outlasts weekend” — Daily Tar Heel

“Timing is everything” — Daily Tar Heel (Editorial Board)

April 19, 2008

“Students speak up for apparel makers” — Raleigh News & Observer

“Chancellor Moeser’s Dance (UNC sit-in day 2)” — Independent Voices

April 18, 2008

“Students stage anti-sweatshop sit-in” — Durham Herald Sun

“UNC students seek anti-sweatshop rule” — Raleigh News & Observer

“UNC students begin sit-in over apparel factories” — Associated Press story (from NBC 17), picked up over 20 places statewide

“Students Protest for Labor” — Daily Tar Heel

April 17, 2008

“Sit-in at administration building demands end to UNC sweatshop clothing” — Fight Back! News

“UNC sit-in for a sweatshop free university” — Independent Voices

April 11, 2008

Students protest UNC’s sweatshop involvement” — Daily Tar Heel

April 2, 2008

Committee looks into labor” — Daily Tar Heel

March 20, 2008

Campus groups unite for anti-sweatshop pit protest” –Daily Tar Heel

February 19, 2008

New Era and union agree to labor deal” — Daily Tar Heel

January 30, 2008

Labor practices examined” –Daily Tar Heel

January 28, 2008

UNC policy allows worker mistreatment to continue” –Daily Tar Heel

January 23, 2008

UNC mulls worker rights” –Daily Tar Heel

November 14, 2007

Lend a helping hand” –Daily Tar Heel (Editorial board)

November 12, 2007

Article left out important details about sweatshops” –Daily Tar Heel

November 9, 2007

Students lobby for workers” –Daily Tar Heel (the day after this protest, Chancellor James Moeser finally appointed the members of the Labor Licensing Committee to the Chancellor, but reaffirmed his rejection of the DSP with no further explanation and no response to the specific critiques of his August 2007 statement.)

November 5, 2004

Supplier violates codes of conduct” –Daily Tar Heel

November 20, 2002

Students sound off on labor, multinational companies” –Daily Tar Heel

October 4, 2002

Laboring for change: University officials, to save money and to support workers, should resign from the Fair Labor Association and continue membership in the Worker Rights Consortium” — Daily Tar Heel

October 1, 2002

Worker rights involvement might change” –Daily Tar Heel

April 30, 2002

A B C: Athletics, Business, & Carolina” –Daily Tar Heel

December 3, 2001

Sweatshop workers, allies, discuss workers’ rights” — Daily Tar Heel

March 28, 2001

Anti-Sweatshop activists will continue to fight for workers” — Daily Tar Heel

March 22, 2001

UNC activist fights for workers rights” — Daily Tar Heel

February 21, 2001

SEJ goes to the mattresses over Nike” — Daily Tar Heel

January 29, 2001

Labor rights worthy of your time” — Daily Tar Heel (Guest Column)

2001 (Unspecified Date)

Poor People? Surely not here? — The Galt Global Review


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